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About me

My name is Peter. I was born 24.5. at Košice, Slovakia. I am actually employed in SKODA Auto at Mladá Boleslav, Czechia and photography, blog is my leisure time. My next hobbies are travelling, trips, cultural and historical buildings, nature, flowers, books, sport and music. I like rock, metal genres and my favourite band is Sabaton, Powerwolf.

I was studied on High school Post and Telecommunication as Technician of information and communication technology, when i graduated in 2012. My leaving examination was from teoretical and practical parts.

You can find my blog and photos on web www.harley.bloger.cz , www.harley-fotografie.webnode.cz and Facebook page "Bez pekla není raj - Harley Fotografie.
About me


Cities, villages

In every city or village are places ideal for photography, relax and spending leisure time.

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Nature, flowers, waters

Nature is a beautiful and ideal for a colorful photos. I like trips to forest, botanical gardens where are not cars and smog.

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Lookouts, mountains, stones

I love lookouts on cities and mountains. It´s a perfect for a panorama photos.

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My photos

Jablonec nad Nisou

Jablonec nad Nisou is a city at north part of Czech republic. I live at Jablonec 7 years and i think, that is a very beautiful city.

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Praue is a capital and the biggest city of Czech republic. Is a very favourite for tourists and have a very cultural and historical buildings and places. For example Square of st. Vaclav, Old city square, Petřín etc.

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Ještěd mountain - Liberec

Ještěd mountain (1012 m) is a mountain at Liberec. From Ještěd is a awesome lookout on Liberec, Jablonec, Jizera mountains and a more places. Here is restaurant and hotel too.

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Tanvaldský Špičák

Trip from Jablonec to Tanvaldský Špičák at Albrechtice in Jizera mountains.

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My websites

For this web I write texts about life, my trips and travelling, technology, sport and other categories. URL address: www.harley.bloger.cz (Bez pekla není raj - Harley fotografie)"

Bez pekla není raj - Harley FotografieBlog, texts, photosBez pekla není raj - Harley fotografie

This web or fotoweb i made for my photos from trips, travelling & walks. I want next time here add photos from actions as sport, culture, music etc. URL address: www.harley-fotografie.webnode.cz (Harley fotografie)."

Harley fotografiePhotos, trips & walksHarley Fotografie

This is facebook fanpage for my sites Bez pekla není raj & Harley fotografie. Here I adding my texts, photos, links and events. URL address: www.facebook.com/blogerharley"

Facebook fanpageFacebook Bez pekla není raj - Harley fotografieFacebook fanpage Bez pekla není raj & Harley fotografie


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